Redskins Worked Over, In Overtime

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[Editor’s Note: This game will teach me to write leads before the end of the game.]

This was a rivalry game that was too big for 60 minutes.  Instead, it needed 69:21 exhibition of some of the best football that the Redskins played all year.  And long after the clock struck zero, this team kept fighting.

It just wasn’t quite enough.

In the post-game locker room, Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker described football as a game of inches.  Appropriately, a few inches here and a few inches there were the difference in the score at the end of the game.

Players said that head coach Mike Shanahan told his team that this was a game that they deserved to win, and compared to the team that got shut out in Toronto three weeks ago, he’s right.  Compared to the Redskins teams that took the field against the Cowboys (part one), Eagles, Panthers, 49ers, Dolphins,  or even the Rams, this was a team that deserved to win.

But they didn’t quite pull it off.

This was a team that rose to the occasion today, finding significant success in all facets of the game.  Quarterback Rex Grossman executed on offense, and put together four scoring drives–three ending in Grossman touchdowns.  Returner Brandon Banks built on the sparks he’s put together in recent weeks, burning the Cowboys for 190 yards on seven returns.  Punter Sav Rocca took over sole possession of the league lead in punts downed inside the 20, and has yet to yield a touchback on the season.  Jabar Gaffney was open more than 7-11, and hauled in seven receptions for 115 yards and a touchdown.  Donte Stallworth, who spent the fourth quarter of the Dolphins game grocery shopping, took over the fourth quarter today with four receptions for 51 yards and the game-tying touchdown.  Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan is exactly what the Redskins were looking for in the pass rush department, and has been an overwhelming success in his rookie campaign.

But it wasn’t quite enough.

The fact is that the Redskins played better today than they have at any point since the beginning of the season, and far out-paced their expectations for the day.  This was a team that none of the major NFL analysts called to win the game (zero).  This was a Redskins team that was 0-4 in their last four, going up against a team that was 3-1.  This is a team that after five-straight losses, could have quit.

But they didn’t.  They responded to a rivalry atmosphere and nearly pulled off the upset.

There are two approaches to the outcome of this game, and it boils down to whether the person is fixated on results vs. progress.  On the one hand, they lost, and a loss is a loss.  On the other hand, this is a team that was nearly dead in the water a few weeks ago, and has turned in their best total team effort in two months.  Clearly, this team is a work in progress, but with as many moving parts as they’ve had due to injury and ineffectiveness, this team finally appears to be headed in the right direction.

Where they go from here, remains to be seen.  After a short week of practice, we’ll see how this team responds in Seattle.

So long from FedExField, where the Cowboys pulled out the overtime win: Washington 24, Dallas 27.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Worked Over, In Overtime

  1. Same shit.. different week. I love how everyone wants to sugarcoat it.. we lost the game.. period. It never fails that in KEY moments of all of our losses, we NEVER seem to execute the correct play to change the momentum in our favor. I doubt that Shanahan EVER gets to see a winning season in DC.. Im tired of my team ALWAYS being the laughingstock of the NFC east..


  2. For all the positives that are going to be drawn from this game it is the negatives that tell the story of the game.

    The offense was abysmal in the first quarter. 21 total yards abysmal.

    The defense for all its nice stats couldn’t get off the field in the 4th with a lead and then with it tied at 17. How many 3rd down conversions did Dallas get than entailed Orakpo blowing by Romo who spun left to find a target? Why on 3rd and 15 did we try the same crap we did in Dallas on 3rd and 21? STOP putting Hall on Dez with the game on the line. Running OJ over there late didn’t matter it was 88 on 23 and 88 won again.

    What exactly is Graham Gano’s job? Because I’m pretty sure he didn’t do his job at all today. Just collected a check and went home.

    I was actually surprised it seemed that Kyle Shanahan called his best game since the Texans game last year.


  3. The truth must be told that Deangelo Hall has been a disappointment for us.Sure it’s not fair for me to blame him for a lot of our losses but he is not a quality corner that teams need to be a successful.He is not vicious with his hits and rarely is he close enough to the ball not to mention the receiver in order to make tackles and interceptions. The one thing he really shines in is running his mouth.He talks more smack than Ray Lewis and has no physical power to back it up.There was a reason that Al Davis gave him his walking papers.But like a lot of our fake washed up stars of the past, they all find a way to convince Dan Snyder to give them a gazillion dollars and fake like they want to win for us.IT’S A JOKE! and it’s sad.We need a GM like Bobby Bethard to get us top notched depth.Money has ruined a lot of athletes.I will bet you if DHall wasn’t already paid in full ,he just maybe would focus on playing his position much better rather than thinking he is the second coming of Derrell Revis in which he certainly is not.


    • Hey all you haters chill out ! We are heading on the right direction. Shanny will focus on the offense in free agency and get us a top qb in the draft. I have to believe this is his plan. Hang in there and have faith. This year is over which is ok because the more we lose the better the draft pick for the future qb !


  4. Another thing that I must get off my chest while I’m still steaming hours after the game.The post game panel gave the players and coaches raving reviews for basically playing mediocre football today.Sure there were a few great plays but all this game showed was how lackluster the Cowgirls are.If the Giants had played the Girls today it would have been a waxing.Eli Manning would have thrown for over 400 yds.This good Rex bad Rex is turning my bipolar into tripolar and its like being in the twilight zone.How in the hell can a professional qb miss wide open receivers to sustain long drives but then hit a receiver with precision like Joe Montana in a hot streak.The problem is,that the balance is always negative.Being a Skins fan is tough right now and I’ve been a fan for 43 years.I live and die in Redskins Nation but there must be a drastic change.We pulled for them during a lockout and they repay us with returning with a product this poor.


  5. BT:

    Haven’t you learned by now that a DALLAS game is different. You throw all the stats and projections out the window. With the notable exception of a very few games of the past several decades, DALLAS week is special, and the games are tight. I picked the ‘ SKINS to win. i was wrong, but not by much.


  6. GARY:

    I’ve been a fan for 59 years. Surely, this doesn’t surprise you after all this time.

    We in essence don’t have a QB at the moment. We bit the bullet in the last draft in order to strengthen the defense. That meant that this season in essence was a lost cause.

    We need eight high picks in the first, second rounds or some combo including FA trade totaling eight. A QB and three starters on the o-line at RT, OG, OG/C plus four more defensive guys in various positions, CB, NT, S-ILB, FS.. But we’re getting close.

    Frankly, I’d love to see us draft high enough to get BARKLEY from USC in the draft. We’ll have to have one horrendous losing streak to accomplish it though. That would be tough.


  7. Be that as it may.It is a 16 game season and we are very much underachieving and playing poorly. Still,if it was only a 2 game season with the Cowgirls ,we would be 0 and 2.So I care very little about losing 2 very close games to a lucky team that gets every close call by referees that are awestruck by them.


  8. Gordon, Thats some serious information.I stand corrected,and wasn’t making light of your statement at all lol.This game sucked the life out of me and I didn’t put the process in proper perspective.Obviously you are on point with with we need.But we never seem to address them year after depth year after year. Your statement sounds like that of a seasoned GM.Please apply if Bruce Allen realizes that he doesn’t have a clue at judging talent.


  9. yep,
    a fan for 43 yrs. & still can’t get by how lousy these teams are that snider puts together. best point today was being competitive but doesn’t even come close to being an excuse for another loss. How many yrs. does it take to rebuild this team Snider ?????????????? Brian I will OUT MYSELF again ——- Raiders WIN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


  10. Deserved to win ? If they had deserved to win they would have. They didn’t deserve this win at all. Stats and crap mean nothing, what counts is the scoreboard and when the chips were down when they had the Cowboys 3rd and 15 in OT, they blew it. Deserve to win ?, what a bunch of mularkey, there isn’t anything such as a moral victory in this league. Best game of the season ? LMAO..and they lost ? what’s that say about the future ? How do you lose your best game of the season….This team is crap, have no talent where they need it the most and can’t stay healthy. When they lose to Seattle or struggle, you people will realize what I am saying


  11. This is for Gary, in case you didn’t notice the Giants and MR. Manning got beat by the Eagles..LOL and yes here are the Redskins, at the bottom of the division as usual.


  12. Here we go again… 6th straight defeat! I can’t wait to hear the (predictable) responses from the players & coaches: (1) We didn’t get it done today, (2) We’ll get it turned around next week, (3) We need to make plays and execute, and (4) There were a lot of positives that came from this game. What good will it be to get Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, Kellen Moore or any of the other top QBs coming out this year? There’s no one on staff to develop them, so they’ll end up getting sacked a lot, our offense will not produce and keep the defense on the field, and the losses will continue to pile up. A message to the Vikings: I know you haven’t won in a while either, but the Skins are on your schedule, so a win is in your future. I’m no Ravens fan, but they play solid football, and even if they lose, their opponent aches very badly the next day, because the Ravens defense beats you up. Jim Horath asked the question of the century, “How many years does it take to rebuild team?”


  13. In five home games so far this year, a total of 395,032 people have seen the Skins play. If you all keep spending your hard-earned money, you’ll continue to be disappointed. But I have a treat for you… if you want to watch (or even attend) a real football game at FedEx Field, get a ticket for the Army-Navy game this December 10th. That’s your only other option, because the Cowboys OWN the Skins.


  14. I am 43 yr old and have loved the skins for as long as i can remember. But i am sooooooooo so tired of them not able to build a team that can compete with the rest of the teams. THEY ARE THE JOKE of not just the NFC east but the whole leaque. it gets harder and harder to stay poss and hoping that one day they will turn it around. At times it looks like they are but its just a flash then its gone. How much longer can the fans back them up. We stand behind them and support them but they do nothing in return, Its like a bad relationship. its always one sided and the fans are always the ones that get let down. we spend tons of $ and get nothing in return but let down. these guys get paid win or lose and it dosnt mater to them cause the get the same amount of cash eather way.


  15. How do we justify keeping a kicker with less than a 70% success rate.

    Shayne Graham may be available after Dan Carpenter for Miami comes back.

    Is this a possibility, or do we have too much pride because we cut the wrong Graham in pre-season?


  16. I have been a Redskins fan for over 30 years. The poor ownership, management and stack of continued losses are wearing on me. No need to discuss how we play because we suck. I am ready for a change…either a better Redskins or a new team. I am tired of getting laughed at when I wear my jerseys.


    • @Lone Fan–

      I feel your pain, sir, and I know how hard it is. I can’t tell you what to do with your fanhood, but to leave now would be like buying high in the stock market and selling low. When they win, you’ll want to be here. I have no crystal ball, but I can tell you that this team has more promise than any Redskins team I’ve seen in the last several years.


  17. Shanahan can spin this all he wants but if you watched the game you saw that the Skins really only had success when they had a short field to work with, other than that they got worked over and stuffed by the Cowboy’s D. Grossman hit on a few good throws, but you need more than a few good passes to win int he NFL. Same old Redskins, different Sunday. Time to start looking at next year and see what passed his prime bum Snyder wants to blow money on for next year.


  18. To think that I actually defended Graham Gano a few weeks ago… This guy will never be clutch. After doing some research, i realize just how many games could have been won (or at least tied with a chance to win in OT) if this guy just makes a damn field goal. I’ve seen this guy kick in practice before a game and it is quite impressive; however, that doesn’t mean anything if he can’t do it when the pressure is on. As a kicker, you either have it, or you dont. You are not going to “learn” to be a clutch kicker in those key situations. We need a reliable kicker, but Gano will probably still be here next year to lose more games for us..


  19. to Brian,
    I am not sure I agree with this team has more promise BUT I hope you are rite about team turning around. Only thing now that it is TOO LATE in the season to make play-offs skins could be SUPER spoilers for who does make play-offs tho out of NLE.


  20. I have been a Redskin fan for over a half a century, and I will never depart from being a fan. I was raised in North Carolina when the Redskins were a regular on the CBS Channel 3 Charlotte Station. I have had a lot of lean years, but had some great ones too. It was fun under QB Sonny Jergenson. Hey, even Vince Lombardi gave us a winning season. George Allen always gave the skins a chance to win. Enjoyed the Joe Gibbs (version #1) after a lot of poor years prior. I think we have a good coach. We need the right personnel to get the job done. How they perform in practice doesn’t mean squat.

    We should have won that game plain and simple. No excuses. Pros who get paid the big bucks need to stand up and take responsibility like DeAngelo Hall. I didn’t see anybody else stand up and take the blame. Perhaps, they are job scared.

    The coaches put us in a position to win and that is all they can do. They can’t kick the ball or defend the receivers.


  21. Scott, you said this to me last week:
    Jason, you are an idiot. You’re saying cut the guy that kept the skins from being goose egged on Sunday? Sure, Gano has missed a few kicks in his career so far, but he is far from a poor kicker. His success will continue to improve once he has an offense that can contribute points!

    Who’s the idiot now scott?


  22. I have been a Cowboy season ticket holder for 34 years and have enjoyed this rivalry better than any. The Redskins problem is the same as the Dallas problem, the owners. Jerry jones needs to hire a GM and get out of football operations. Dan Snyder, with all due respect, is a great businessman but a terrible football man. For some reason since he has owned the team the skins have been inept. As a Dallas fan i’d love to see him stay but, in my opinion, he’s a looser.


  23. “……..defend the receivers………” DOUG McDANIEL

    And therein lies our achilles heel. Frankly, I’d take JOSH WILSON WHO’S STILL LEARNING THE DEFENSE and Redskins personnel over DeANGELO HALL right now.

    HALL defends the run pretty well, but he gave DEZ BRYANT too much space to work with when the chips were down.

    I don’t care what HALL owns up to, the end result is that we must draft the best cover corner in the 2013 draft, and a solid FS soon who should be playing but can’t because of O.J.

    Until the front seven is set, and the d-backs are improved, we will leak points at crunch time.

    And until we draft high, high for a QB, and get three more top offensive linemen, we will not score many……..points that is.


  24. Ok, I am TIRED of seing my Redskins loose. This is the time to get our SH*T Together once and for all. Thanks to us, we gave a chance to a Loser!! Teams like Denver, Packers and The Patriots, get their little Title, mini-superbowls. I had see better play-offs and regular season games than the last Boring Superbowl with the F-ing Packers. Nothing will compare to the Classic Superbowls of the Redskins!!. It’s Time for us to stand up, and get all the pissed up Players and Coaches, who really wants to get a Superbowl Ring with The Redskins. Get Real Gyms for the players, (Getting them Strong!!) a nice Diet, ( So they don’t eat F-Bull-Sh*t, Food) a Merchandise that Really represent the truth Colors of the Redskins. I’am Tired of other fans looking at us like we are a f-king big Joke. One thing is to be a good person and other to be an stupid.


  25. The absolute saddest part of this Redskin Nation story is that there will NEVA be a happy ending! We have an owner with an ego larger than Fed Ex Field extending to the Landover Station shuttle bus lot where I get to the games. Our beloved Dan da Man refuses to bring in any higher up personnel that will run this team without their nose TOTALLY up in it.Sure he pays the bills but he doesn’t know football from soccer.His joy is to surround himself with “YES MEN”. He is too young to understand what owners should do.Hell Jerry Jones is an old coot that at times butts in,but he steps back and gets quality personnel on the field.Gibbs came back but was a shell of himself.His drive had left him and he was up Dans ass.Vinny Cerato was so scared to lose his golden parachute that he never went out the plane to get talent on the field.And all the coaches then and going forward are about self.Dont let that cheesey snarl fool ya.He and that bratty lookin son of his are both jokes milking Snyders money while massaging his ego.Now Bruce Allen has added his brief case to the camp.Wow ,a guy so far removed from the NFL that he has to pull on his dads name to be in the mix. Looking back at the good ole days with Jack Kent Cooke in the owners box with his wild erotic young Colombian wife ,makes me smile.Because when he was running the show ,you didnt have to kiss his ass ,you had to win him the brass!


  26. GARY:

    I thought the ‘bag-man’ [MY COUSIN VINNY] was on retainer, but not directly making the decisions in REDSKINS land.

    Another draft and we’ll have a QB worth a d..n, and at least one more top o-lineman. That alone makes us light years better. Now if we draft poorly with the slot we are apparantly headed for, I’ll join ANGEL there and start excoriating DANO once again. So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing from ALLEN-SHANAHAN. So from the 60-year REDSKINS follower come December 14, I’m sayin’, “patience grasshoppers.”


    • Gordon – you speak the truth and it’s what I have been saying for weeks!! Have a strong draft and a strong free agent period and we will be fine. We can’t win anymore games though because we want a high draft pic to get our franchise qb!!!


  27. It surely is pretty dismal but It’s better than it was. Only so much can be done in one off season. We had alot of clean up to do with team culture and then removing “real deadwood”. I was pleased with how the business at hand was handled and that we actually were able to draft some good picks on top of the mess. Could you imagine Haynesworth still here! I think because we were off to such a hyped up streak (nothing wrong with that) and then decimated with injury our emotions are on a roller coaster. I know we’re better and will continue to get better. Unfortunately more time is needed. Thats part of the system. It’s a game in off season as much so during the season. I’m sure Allen and Shanny will make some good moves in there time of play. Suck it up for now and give due. It’s going to take a few more drafts!!!….YOU KNOW THIS MAN !!!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE, SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS…


  28. GORDON, I understand PATIENCE! we all live in Redskins Nation because thats a pre-requiste, but to continue to wait for drafts is getting way too old. It’s like building a structure on a shifting foundation.If we had 3 top notched pro bowl o-lineman today, it still wouldnt erase the poor defensive play of highly paid defensive players Brian Orakpo and DHall.Then we go into a season with high expectations at quarterback.Add to that we settle for mediocre backup receivers when several seasoned quality veterans were on the market. We dont have the guys to have the true nose for talent.Heck New England has about 14 undrafted starters getting it done on a high level.I admit you possess many veteran stripes in Skins Nation but I remember the”MASTER” Bobby Bethard. The man performed miracles for Mr Cooke and did it with fair pay that didnt divide the locker room..


  29. thomas,
    I wish I could focus on positives after 43 yrs. a skins fan . I think SNIDER has to much say-so over shanahan & the whole team . Gary is rite about B. BEATHARD. Skins need a guy like him & SNIDER to give him a pretty much free hand for getting talented vet. players with 3 or 4 yrs. of good football left in them & judging the potential talent & ability of young, up & coming players. That takes PRO-FOOTBALL sense & knowledge that SNIDER does not have. SNIDER has proven that over 17 or 18 yrs. of this second or third best crap of getting used up players. need I name them ? lol


  30. psycoskin
    sorry pal but haynesworth was washed up when he came to skins. Why do you think titans let him go? same for grossman – mcnabb — choice etc.


  31. GARY:

    i see some of those BEATHARD-type machination now with ALLEN-SHANAHAN. But this team was just woeful in too many ways to patch them all up in one year.

    We still have unmet needs on defense as well as the obvious one’s at QB and the o-line.

    On defense:
    1 – We need a true NT to help COFIELD.
    2 – We need another DE to replace BOWEN in the starting line-up.
    3 – We need JARVIS JENKINS to be the beast of a DE he appeared to be this summer post-injury.
    4 – We need PERRY RILEY to continue to develop as he has after 1 1/2 seasons.
    5 – We need an understudy for LONDON FLETCHER.
    6 – We need a replacement for D-HALL,
    7 – We need a FS that should be playing but can’t get into the starting line-up because of ATOGWE.
    8 – We need a #2 SS behind LANDRY.

    As you can see I envision may developmental needs on defense over the next two seasons.

    However, the one glaring hole in our defense in at the cover corner slot.

    A FA can supplant PHILLIP BUCHANON, but it’s too late for any of that for this season.

    I think BRANDYN THOMPSON has a better upside than KEVIN BARNES, and should become our dime back..

    Then we live with D-HALL until 2013 when our first rounder should be the best available CB.

    BYRON WESTBROOK makes a solid #3 safety,but we need a #2 behind ATOGWE..

    REED DOUGHTY’s replacement may be found in FA or a trade.


  32. Hey Gordon wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy tied for the lead in interceptions. You know Carlos Rodgers. Oh yeah anyone notice Andre Carter stats this year?


  33. dutchnblue:

    Who didn’t know ‘LOS was doggin’ it after his first season. Not surprised he is bettrer elsewhere. He couldn’t have been much worse here. Plug in a decent brain to replace that 10-cent gray matter he has, and you’ve got a great cover corner. Mr. Wonderful………..good riddence to bad rubbish.

    ‘DREY is a 4-3 DE and an excellent player. He was just misplaced as a 3-4 lineman. Not an OLB either. He needs his hand in the dirt. I’m happy for him and his success elsewhere. He was a solid citizen while here.


  34. dutchinblue:

    Believe it was the other players, or that it was the defensive coaches and the systems they installed if you want to. I’m not buying it. ROGERS was trouble waiting to happen from the moment he was drafted.


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