Redskins Select SMU OG, Josh LeRibeus

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For the second year in a row, the Redskins have selected a Southern Methodist University Mustang, this time targeting offensive guard Josh LeRibeus.

A 6-3, 312-pound specimen, he is ideal as a run-blocker and excels in the zone-blocking scheme.  Here are some of his mentionables, according to his Combine Draft Profile:

Leribeus returned for his senior campaign after being academically ineligible to play for SMU during his junior season. He returned to be the scrappy, reliable inside blocker that he has been throughout his career.

He has the size and technique inside to play early at the next level or be a reliable backup, which gives him fifth-round value as a guard or potential center.

Taken in the first half of the third round, LeRibeus will be expected to fill a role in improving the Redskins offensive line in 2012 and beyond.  Coming from the Run-n-Shoot offense, he shouldn’t have the transition time to the Pro Style offense that plagued Aldrick Robinson, but his adjustment from Conference USA competition could take time.

LeRibeus missed a season of college because of academic ineligibility, but sounds like he’s re-dedicated himself to football and academics since then.  He was also born and raised in Texas, and says he hated the Cowboys as a kid.

Here’s an interview from his Pro Day earlier this spring.  By all reports, he’s a funny, easy-going guy:

0 thoughts on “Redskins Select SMU OG, Josh LeRibeus

  1. How did they manage to waste an early 3rd RD pick on “5th RD value” while taking neither the best player available nor a position of need?


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  4. Wow. Dis somebody push the wrong button in round three to draft this guy? Would probably been available in round 6 0r 7. Not even a top 10 guard on most boards. Were the Skins sleeping from waiting so long to make this pick. D+ at best.


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  6. For crying out loud!! STOP WHINING!! Like a bunch of little b*tches! Shut up and let the football people do their job. You know nothing.


  7. Outside of Robert, I’m in a wait and see mode on all the players we pickup. Given how beat up we get at OL I’m willing to give him a chance. Haven’t watched him or SMU so don’t know if he has the passion to need to be great. We’ll see. Either way I’ll support him as apparently the Skins staff see something in this guy.


  8. I think everyone needs to chill….I remember everyone was pissed off about jarvis jenkins who had a late round pick and hes a studd….trust Shanny!


  9. Josh LeRubeus is awsome!!!!!! Kung Fu Panda awesome!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! I see Shanahan as master Shifu and this fat panda lookin dude being his Dragon Master!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    No all joking aside, He was the 5th best OG on rankings and projected 3rd or 4th round. Not a bad choice, but we shouldve taken Massie/ Zebrie Sanders as they were still on the board!! Both Massie and Sanders are still there and hopefully we get one in our 102nd pick. HTTR!!!!


  10. At the highest level it’s all about mental strength and attitude – you can have the skill, but if you haven’t got the determination and will power it doesn’t happen – looks like LeRibeus has this – yes he missed his Junior year at college, but he came back as a starter in his Senior year – many players don’t! – the coaching staff have obviously seen something they like here and will develop him as a player – BELIEVE – BE POSITIVE – GO SKINS –


  11. It all comes down to whether you trust Shanahan’s and his staff’s judgement on football talent. I do. Why? How many NFL teams have all of their 2011 draft choices still on their teams?


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